Bill Cosby Knows Why He’s Being Disgraced, But Can’t Tell The Public Why.

Anyone who has been following the Cosby story has come to the conclusion that the world has gone mad, or either there is something that they do not understand.  According to the law, a man cannot be tried for the same crime twice, yet Cosby seems to be a special case.  One may ask what is the purpose behind it.  The answer to that question may seem rather unusual; however, let me attempt to give you my best guess.  Bill Cosby is part of a secret society of men who have indebted themselves to reach certain levels of success.  These people who he has indebted himself to are part of a secret society of handlers.  They stage madmen shootings, acts of terrorism, wars, racial strife, police shootings, and sensational story lines.  They create the headlines and stories in order to shock the public and further their plot for world dominance. 

The people whom they use are stooges and pawns in a huge game of chess.  Their goal is to control the world.  Therefore, they mock our justice system with sensational stories designed to frustrate and anger the public.  Bill Cosby is merely a pawn of this grand scheme. He has been to trial over and over again for the same thing, yet our justice system seems unable to prosecute him.  If there really was evidence they would prosecute him.  Yet, that does not deter our controlled news networks from parading him before us.   In a recent article, Cosby’s was flashed by a topless woman.  This woman was one of his former child actresses who played in the Cosby series during its hay-day.  Although she described Mr. Cosby as a nice man on the set, she stated that she was so infuriated by the sheer number of Cosby’s accusers, that she decided to protest topless.

This is quite unbelievable, yet this is exactly the kind of chaos necessary to further the plans of this secret organization.  Looking over the entire earth, Satan said to Jesus, all these things I will give you if you would bow down and worship me.  Of course, Jesus resisted the temptation and later retorted, what does it profit a man if he would gain the world and lose his own soul.




2 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Knows Why He’s Being Disgraced, But Can’t Tell The Public Why.”

  1. I grew up watching the Cosby Show so I’ve been following this a while. I don’t think he is guilty of rape, but I think he traded his morals for success at an unpayable price. It’s never too late to turn to the Lord. This is just the cover page of our existence. I know him and others “elite” are in deep. But it’s never too late.

  2. I noticed at 4:50 or so when Cosby heard/saw a commotion he turned his head and looked, I thought he was blind but if you watch he appeared to have been using sight more so than focusing in on sounds.

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