Buzz Aldrin Admits that the NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landings Were Fake

Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon, or so we thought.  In a recent unveiling of the the facts about the NASA moon landing, Buzz began to cast doubt upon whether he had been to the moon.  In a YouTube video that I recently produced, I revealed that Buzz’s excessive  drinking could have been due to his guilt over lying to the world about the moon landing.  In an article found in Huzlers magazine,  “Buzz”, confirmed that the Apollo 11 missions were “fake” and that the videos of the mission are simply showing a setup that was created to simulate how the moon and space would look.

“Apollo 11 was not real, none of it was” Buzz Aldrin said in a video he recorded confessing to the Apollo 11 hoax, “I am ashamed to say this but I cannot hide it anymore, it was a setup, like the ones they use in Hollywood films, back in the 60’s, the U.S. was competing with the Soviet Union to achieve space flight supremacy, which was known as the “space race”. We were afraid the Soviets would beat us to the moon so we decided to fake the moon landings of Apollo 11 to say we were greater than the Soviets,” concluded Buzz.  This tweet accompanied Buzz’s confession, but has since been removed. 

This explains why Buzz Aldrin was so reluctant to speak of the Moon Landing in so many interviews.  Also why he became violent when confronted concerning the matter.  In September 2002, Buzz Aldrin, was arriving at a hotel in Beverley Hills  where he was about to give an interview for a Japanese educational program, when Bart Sibrel showed up outside the hotel, asking Aldrin to swear on the Bible that he went to the moon.  Aldrin refused to do it and responded by hitting Sibrel in the face.

This might explain why NASA’s claim that they had “accidentally” recorded over only the high quality recordings of the original moon landing tapes in 2006 and no longer have the technology to go to the moon. How can an organization as big as NASA be careless enough to accidentally record over, perhaps, their most important achievement to date?

This also explains the body language of the astronauts upon their so called return from the moon. Why would men who went to the Moon look so sad? With nerves of steel, why would they fidget with pencils?

2 thoughts on “Buzz Aldrin Admits that the NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landings Were Fake”

  1. They were answering as though they were being intoragated. They look so guilty on their faces, and their answers are text book derived rather than experiential. Soon and very soon posterity will judge them as knowledge increases. They could not have possibly gone through the Van Allen Belts.

  2. Not only did the US fake the moon landings, which is still very much a taboo subject in Jewmerica, land of the lie, they also faked 9-11. So you see they’ve been lying to us for many decades. Question: Do the Amercan people owe any loyalty to a government that treats its citizens like dupes? I know the answer to that question.

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