Doctor Blows Whistle And Says The Flu Shot Is Designed To Give You Cancer

A top doctor goes on record to say that flu vaccines were designed to spread cancer.  Many people are beginning to wake up to the fact that there is a systematic effort to reduce the population.  Here is yet another example of mass genocide.  “Dr. John Bergman has revealed the influenza vaccinations being used to combat the latest H3N2 strain, are virtually ineffective and being forced onto the public through fear tactics to spread cancer.  According to Dr. Bergman, evidence has emerged that the vaccinations may be causing far more damage to people’s health than anyone could have previously anticipated.  The vaccine is actually laced with cancer-causing agents.

It seems that Obama Care was just a way to get everyone under a government-enforced vaccination program that is doing the same thing as Chemtrails and 5G.  There is a systematic plan in effect to reduce the world population by 2030.  Unless something is done to stop the globalist agenda soon, we will all soon be mandated to receive these poisonous shots.

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According to many experts, the flu shot is not effective against all strains of the flu.  Actually, it has shown to be very ineffective.  Yet, even though the flu vaccine has been shown to be ineffective, it still has not stopped our government from pushing people to have them.

In addition, the demand for vaccines is up.  Although the risks of getting a vaccine is very well documented, the general public still believes that vaccinations are a good idea.

The problem is though, as more people get sick, more people are queuing up to get their flu shots, and the situation is snowballing from bad to worse.
According to researchers, vaccines actually weaken your bodies own defenses, and a person’s immune system is the weakest in the very young and the very old.

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