The Plot To Use Race Baiting To Divide Us In America

While sitting in the auto mechanic shop today waiting for my oil change to be completed, the news (nightly propaganda) came on the television set:  Good evening, TEEN YELLS THE N WORD AT SUNNY HOSTIN DURING THE 4th OF JULY!”  The moment they said that, I thought to myself, here they go again.  Race baiting!  Whether its true or not, one has to ask themself, what can be accomplished by covering such a very trivial story.    Kids say all kinds of stuff.  I’ve got a friend whose spouse is white, but during his youth, he used the word honky over and over again.  I’m sure he would punch someone in the mouth for ever disrespecting his wife in such a way today.  The truth is, racism is over.  As a matter of fact, I would say that its mostly made up.  There is no such thing today.  Many blacks enjoy the best of everything.  How can this be if racism were still alive and well.  Racism is dead.  Many black Americans have achieved the American dream.  Sunny Hostin is a perfect example of this.
So the real question is, why is this being reported?  If it did happen, and doubt that  it did, it was only kid stuff.   Not news worthy.   However, I believe there is a conspiracy to use racism to destroy America.  Today, there seems to be a plot to divide all people in America along racial lines.  America is a country that has demonstrated that diversity makes us strong.  Most people in America are accepting of this and embrace it.  Yet there remains an element in the deep state (an unseen hand) that relishes in making our diversities our weakness.  Of course this is completely ridiculous, yet many black and white Americans believe the lie.  While watching the television in the waiting area, I could see the black people becoming angry, and the white people becoming embarrassed.  But the joke was on them. Each night celebrities lead us farther and farther away from unity through their scripted acts of treason. They incite riots, demonstrations, walkouts and acts of violence.
It’s apparent that they are being paid.  They never tell the truth and exaggerate their claims often.  Instead of entertaining us, they use their popularity to influence us towards division.   They target unsuspecting American’s with these infuriating headlines to divide America.  Treason!

Sunny Hostin Said A Group Of Kids Called Her The N-Word.

The work of Satan.   Jesus said of him: “The thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).
Please, please, please stop listening to the news.  It’s all scripted to get us divided.
Let us pray for America.
A co-host of the “The View” said Monday that a group of about 20 kids ran in front of her family’s home on the Fourth of July and started shouting the N-word at them.
Sunny Hostin recounted the story while a panel of hosts went through the cycle of recent incidents that have involved people profiling or discriminating against African-Americans. Hostin then said that on July 4, while her family was staying at a beachfront property in a largely African-American community, a group of teenagers “started yelling the N-word” at us.

A corresponding clip shows Hostin and her family confronting teens who they thought may have targeted them, asking “Were you the ones yelling the N-word?”

“They were someone else,” someone responds.
Hostin tells the teens that what happened is “harassment,” and says later that she filed a police report.
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