The Blue Print For The Coming New World Order

Are you aware of the umbilical chord that ties BREXIT, Donald Trumps Foreign Policy and the prophet Ezekiel….ISLAM? The Brexit Vote and support for Donald Trump was heavily influenced by fears about immigration of which much of it is fear of Muslim immigration. Yet the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel over 2500 years ago also foresaw a period in which Islam would become the catalyst of a great worldwide crisis.

What is even more interesting is that in the writings of freemasonry there exists the belief that Islam will be used by the esoteric cabal as the means through which the prophesied Antichrist Luciferian new world order will be established. Are we seeing the evidence of this right now in 2017? See below for details.

Islam vs Illuminati
In 1871 one of the most notorious Freemason Grandmasters of all time, Albert Pike, received a demonic vision which he then described in a letter that he wrote to Guiseppi Mazzini who at the time was head of the Illuminati. Mazzini was also the founder of Italian freemasonry and the founder of the MAFIA.

The letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about a fully Masonic One World Order. Two world wars have come and gone. It is the final world war which is of interest.
On the surface one could understand the questions that arise regarding Islam and the end times. Since the notorious September 11th attack on the Twin Towers in New York and the London Bombings of 2005, the profile and exposure of Islam has never before been greater than it is now.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the nuclear threat from Iran, the previous “Arab Spring” revolutions across Syria, Egypt and Libya and the horrific Norwegian massacre (in which the killer stated he was seeking to wake Europe up to the Islamic takeover)  have all contributed to ensuring that no day goes by without your main News Channel making reference to Islam whether in a good or bad light. And even with the Boston bombings several years ago as well as terrorism strikes in France, Belgium the United States, Canada, Turkey we again see that Islam is again implicated. And now we are witnessing the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Syria into Europe.

Even in the United States, Islam is Taking Territory?

Furthermore the growth of Islam worldwide is frightening. Many experts are claiming that in the next 25 years that Europe will become a Muslim State and that Islam is using a phenomenal high birth rate as its secret weapon to over run the western world.

Even in the United States many have been taken back by what happened when previous president, Barack Obama had come to office. On the 25th September 2009 over 50,000 Muslim descended on the White House at Capitol Hill for an Islamic day of prayer something that has never happened in over 240 years of American History. Additionally there had been grave concerns about the support that Obama has been giving to the Islamic Society of North America which had fell into significant controversy over links to the funding of terrorist networks.

Given that the vast majority of bible prophecy teachers are also against the view  of an “Islamic New World Order”, seeing it as an attempt to take advantage of the increase of Islam in the media, it was important that we approached the project as totally neutral, basing our findings purely on the evidence available.

The study was critical because if it could be proven that for thousands of years we have been led under a false premise that the Antichrist would arise out of the West, then this radically turns everything upside down in regards to bible prophecy and the end times.

This would mean what is going on in Europe with the rapid rise of the European Super State (the prophesied revival of a Revived Roman Empire), the history and objectives of the Illuminati and the future goals of freemasonry, would count for nothing because we have been looking at the wrong groups in the wrong areas.


We completed the findings of our research in a 160 Page, 2 Part Report called “Holy War”. This report is by far the most detailed insight into the New World Order Strategy that we have ever published.160 Pages of ground breaking insights as we tackle head on the “Islamic New World Order Antichrist” theory and the relationship between Islam and those plotting for a one World Government. Are they compatible or are they mutually exclusive?