The Truth Shall Set You Free

All of my life I have been concerned with the truth. From a young lad sitting in church, I’d listen to my Sunday school teachers and search their every word for truth. I was quite inquisitive about what I heard and would often challenge my teachers. During a college biology course on secondary sex characteristics of human beings, I challenged the professor’s assertions that such distinctions between male and female were due to evolution. Needless to say, I struggled in that class. Today, I have come to realize that the truth is often present but yet, elusive. This is not because it cannot be known, but because those who seek to walk in darkness have a vested interest in hiding it. It is for this reason that I started my first church under the name of True Vine; and also why I now host a daily YouTube show in which I adapted the slogan: “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” My channel is now the hang out of over 13,000 subscribers, and growing. I feel like it is my calling to shine the light of God’s word on all deception, because only the word of God and the light of Christ can reveal the Truth. In this dark world in which we live, we understand that the enemy is busy blinding men to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The same gospel that brings men out of darkness into the marvelous light, because as all of my subscribers and supporters know, Jesus is the light of the world, and the truth shall set you free.