Arizona SWAT Team Smashes Door, Raids Mother’s Home at Gunpoint Over Unvaccinated Child!

Arizona SWAT Team Smashes Door, Raids Mother’s Home at Gunpoint Over Unvaccinated Child!

 In yet another example of medical tyranny gone insane in the USA, a heavily armed SWAT team operating as part of the Chandler, Arizona Police Department smashed down the door with guns drawn in order to medically kidnap a child who a doctor claimed had a fever.

The child, media reports say, is “unvaccinated,” which of course now justifies all the insane violence and gunplay demonstrated by police. The police also kidnapped another child from the same home and have not yet returned the children to the parents.

There is no justice in a society where a hate crime hoaxer goes free while a mother with a child having a fever is raided at gunpoint

In a society where hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett has all charges against him dropped; where Barack Obama goes free after waging an international money laundering scheme to funnel nuclear weapons capabilities to Iran; where Hillary Clinton commits treason against America by destroying top secret evidence and accepting hundreds of million of dollars in bribes from wealthy international oligarchs; the only danger that can be identified by the police in Chandler, Arizona is a toddler with a fever.

Under the medical police state that now threatens health freedom across this entire nation, “authorities” in Arizona just flat-out kidnapped these children after staging an armed raid on the home of the mother. “[A]uthorities have yet to return the children to their parents,” reports Breitbart News.

No doubt by the time the children are returned, they will have been forcibly vaccinated at gunpoint by the lawless State. If they are then made autistic by the toxic vaccine ingredients, state authorities will blame it all on the mother, telling her, “It’s your genes that caused it.”

Personally, I hope this mother — Sarah Beck — sues the Chandler police, the doctor and Child Protective Services for a billion dollars for being terrorized at gunpoint by armed vaccine enforcer goons. (See for more stories from the front lines of the armed medical police state carrying out a vaccine holocaust across America.)

I also offer this warning to police across America: As much as I support local law enforcement in general, this sort of nonsense is exactly what’s going to get you shot and killed by homeowners in self-defense. How will that look on your grave, by the way? Here lies Sgt. Know-It-All. Shot and killed by the father of a toddler who had a fever.”

Maybe you should save your armed raids for the people who actually deserve it, such as the treasonous traitors in the deep state who worked for Sen. John McCain and ferreted the “Trump dossier” to the intelligence goons in Washington as part of an attempted political coup. Aren’t there real criminals in Arizona who deserve to have their doors kicked in and might be above the age of one?

Doctors, Child Protective Services and corrupt government bureaucrats are all running a child kidnapping racket

The real story here is one you probably don’t even want to know. It is well known across the realm of independent media investigators that Child Protective Services is actually a child kidnapping and child trafficking front. In Arizona and elsewhere, these children are kidnapped by bureaucrats, then raped, molested and sometimes sold off to pedophile buyers who hold them captive, to be used as sex toys.

C.P.S. offices are the front for the child kidnapping / trafficking rings throughout Arizona and across the USA. Trafficking is heavy near the open U.S. border, too, where Central and South American children are kidnapped, then trafficked into the USA to be auctioned off to wealth Left-wing pedophiles and perverts who abuse the children for years before having them snuffed out.

If you have a hard time believing any of this, consider the revelation of “John of God,” the so-called “healing guru” from Brazil who was recently arrested and charged with multiple felony sexual assaults. According to witnesses and police, “John of God” — who was heavily promoted by Oprah, by the way — ran a child sex slave factory operation where he would kidnap women, rape them, force them to have babies, then auction off the babies for profit, then have the mothers murdered after they produced a sufficient number of babies for sale.

Maybe instead of denying the sickening reality of what’s going on in the world, you should open your eyes and face the truth: Human trafficking is rampant in the Southern U.S., and Democrats hope to keep it going because the open border is their pathway for recruiting new left-wing illegal voters. So they look the other way on child trafficking, drug trafficking and human trafficking just to make sure they can stack the next election with illegal votes.

That’s who Democrats really are. They don’t care how many children are kidnapped, raped, murdered or killed as long as they can beat Trump.

Seriously, they are that f##king sick.

Stay informed. Read more truth about all this at Medica

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