The Earth Is Flat

A few years ago I discovered the cool and trendy YouTube. As you know YouTube is a great alternative to the mainstream television shows that are on television. It wasn’t long before I started listening to various commentators on the internet. Of course, Alex Jones caught my attention with the revelation of the Builderbergs and Bohemian Grove. However, the capstone in my shock and surprise was that 911 was an inside job! I was hooked. Needless to say, I started asking questions. If they are lying about these things, what else are they lying about? Well, as you know, a rabbit hole can go pretty deep. After a little more research, I came across some pretty shocking and disturbing information. The earth is flat! What a minute… Could this be true? Wait about my 5th-grade science teacher? She told us that the earth was round and there was an invisible force called gravity holding us down. Was she lying? My mind was filled with so many questions. Finally, after doing my own investigations, and countless hours researching the scriptures, I have come to the truth. It is flat. It has to be because water cannot stick to a ball.

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