Hillary Clinton’s Strange Looking Eyes.

Hillary Clinton’s Strange Looking Eyes.
I’m gonna show you something very strange happening with Hillary Clinton so

The Daily Mail as well and you can look back December 16th, 2016 for these original images it says sad Hillary Clinton and downcast supporters hold a holiday party at Plaza Hotel in New York. So here’s the actual image in question and just below it you can see where they wrote Hillary Clinton was spotted looking glum as she arrived at New York’s Plaza Hotel to host her holiday party on Thursday for the deep-pocketed donors who helped fund her campaign. Now let’s take a look at this picture and again why aren’t more people talking about this so there are a few things going on here that to me are really unusual first off what is this with 60 70-year-old woman doing sitting in the lap of a Secret Service agent on the passenger side.
He seems to be
holding her hands as well now remember this isn’t photoshopped. I’m sure some people are gonna want to think this is photoshopped it’s not you can find the original sources for these pictures now look at that face she looks shocked terrified and when you look at those eyes.


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