Unvaccinated Children Banned! A County In New York Has Completely BANNED All Unvaccinated Children From ALL Public Places

Unvaccinated Children Banned! A County In New York Has Completely BANNED All Unvaccinated Children From ALL Public Places

Officials in the county declared a state of emergency, as Lindsey Bever reported in The Washington Post last week, announcing that the ban would remain in place for 30 days or until unvaccinated minors receive the MMR vaccine to protect them against measles, mumps, and rubella. Unvaccinated minors, the official said, would not be permitted in enclosed places like churches, schools, and shopping centers.

According to the rumored New York report, New York state had 259 confirmed cases in Brooklyn and Queens since October, many of them in the Orthodox Jewish community. According to the state’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the outbreak began after an unvaccinated child acquired measles on a visit to Israel, where there has also been an outbreak of the disease.

The big question is whether vaccines are really that effective against measles anyway. According to one community forum steadyhealth.com, it isn’t. https://www.steadyhealth.com/topics/got-measles-after-vaccinated-is-it-possible-to-get-after-vac

Also, Health Ranger reports that neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock states that much of vaccine science is fraudulent unethical.

Researcher and writer Dr. Russell Blaylock – an expert on excitotoxins like aspartame and MSG – about fraudulent vaccine science. Dr. Blaylock reveals the disturbing truth about vaccine trials and ethics, as well as very eye-opening breaking vaccine news.

In a Skype interview, Dr. Blaylock had these words to say about the ethics of mandatory vaccines:

Health Ranger: Well, the vaccine world has gone crazy, Dr. Blaylock, they’re saying we should have mandatory participation in vaccine trials now, no right to opt out. Why, tell us why is that a crazy idea?

Dr. Blaylock: Well, it’s a violation of the Nuremberg medical code, for one, you know this was to protect the public against being experimental animals for governments or vaccine companies. So suddenly we have this violation of Nuremberg protection, saying that you should be forced into a vaccine trial. And if your health is destroyed during testing of this experimental vaccine, then that’s just the price you pay for living in this society. Well that’s not certainly consistent with the founding of this republic, that people are forcibly put into experimental trials.


One county in New York is taking extremely drastic measures in an attempt to force all children to get vaccinated for measles.

Starting today Wednesday, April 10, 2019, any child that has not received the measles vaccine will be banned from all public places. 

That means that they will not be able to go to school, to church or to any store. In fact, just walking down the sidewalk will be a violation of this countywide “state of emergency”.  Rockland County has essentially declared a state of medical martial law, and it is scheduled to last for the next 30 days:

More scientific research is coming out all the time that is showing that there are very serious safety concerns regarding our vaccines.

For example, a study that was just released found a clear link between autism and aluminum in vaccines:

“Autistic children have up to 10 times more of the metal in their brains than what is considered safe in adults, a study found. Aluminium crosses the membrane that separates the brain from circulating blood and accumulates in cells involved in maintaining a constant internal environment, such as temperature, the research adds.

“Study author Professor Chris Exley from Keele University, said: ‘Perhaps we now have the link between vaccination and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the link being the inclusion of an aluminium adjuvant in the vaccine.’”

And another study that former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson recently discussed found that seniors are actually more likely to die after getting a flu vaccine:

“In her blog, Attkisson cites a buried JAMA study from almost a decade ago which showed that there was no improvement in mortality rates among senior citizens with a flu vaccine, even after greatly increased vaccination rates. The study “got little attention,” she says, “because the science came down on the wrong side.”

We live at a time when our most basic health freedoms are under attack. If we don’t stand up now, we will lose them forever.


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