Notre Dame. Fire or Arson?

Notre Dame.  Fire or Arson?

After watching that the destruction of the Notre Dame cathedral, it became very apparent that this is not a real fire. I don’t mean that the cathedral did not burn. What I mean is that the destruction of the cathedral may have been planned.  I’ll tell you why I think so. The reason I think that the cathedral could have been an orchestrated event is that the cathedral is one of the most guarded landmarks in France.

This is a building that is closely monitored and diligently looked after.  For a fire to break out, we’d have to assume that people tasked with the upkeep of the building weren’t looking for fire hazards, safety protocols were ignored while it was under construction, codes were being violated, and the employees smelled smoke but did nothing about it.  In addition, there is also the detail that the spire was under construction by a top-notch bonafide construction company.  Construction companies aren’t in the habit of accidentally destroying what they have a contract to restore.  It just is not done.

Another compelling detail about this mystery is that many of the statutes and artifacts were preserved.  According to one news report, a priest heroically fought his way through the flames to get man of the precious artifacts out. Hardly believable. Notwithstanding, many of the statues were actually removed from the building two weeks before the fire.  Some YouTubers are actually calling this another 911.

What do you think?

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