Why Are Flat-Earthers Being Banned From Youtube?

Why Are Flat-Earthers Being Banned From Youtube?

Callers to The War Room with Owen Shroyer lament the corporate censorship of the public information exchange. It seems that the mainstream media and even social media platforms are trying to silence free speech. Why? Well, of course, they lie and say its in order to protect people from bad information.

The corporate media seems to be more concerned with controlling the narrative than protecting people from misinformation. Owen Shroyer points out that if the mainstream media and the social media platforms had really been concerned with the spread of fake news, they would have done a better job researching and filtering false accusation that was leveled against president Donald Trump.

The fact that president Trump was repeatedly called a racist and a Russian colluder with no evidence that this was true, made the talk of flat earth seem minuscule comparatively. Owen also stated that, while he cannot definitively say that the earth is flat, he can at least agree that something is off with NASA.


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