Venezuela is the New Vietnam. War Is Here Prepare Accordingly!

Venezuela is the New Vietnam. War Is Here Prepare Accordingly!

The global community including the US has lined up behind opposition leader Huang Guido and the global community including the US, while Iran threatens to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. The global economy gets 20% of its soil because the U.S. is sanctioning friends and foes that import energy from Iran. This is being done (conveniently) at the very same time that Fake book (Facebook) and Instagram has decided to silence on people who have differing opinions.

This dog and pony show is being carried out while the corporation, known as the United States, continue to bang the war drums of Venezuelan intervention. What they want us to believe is that their goal is to overthrow the evil dictator Nicolas Maduro in order to install their nice guy Juan Guido. In truth, he is a CIA puppet who has no popular support from the Venezuelan people.

And as for the humanitarian crisis, that our beloved leaders care so much about, it will end… According to them. This newly installed regime will end the U.S. sanction which has targeted Venezuela since 2015; which according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research has directly led to the deaths of over 40,000 Venezuelans!

But no worries… If Venezuela doesn’t submit to U.S. dictatorial demands, our U.S. will merely send in our U.S. troops; followed by more sanctions that will lead to the deaths.

They’re doing this because so-called leaders of the corporate machine like Nazi Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump are all working together in a partisan way to formulate plans to throw the bodies of your sons and daughters onto the growing pile of humanity that has for decades and decades and decades increased the coffers and power of the actual rulers behind the curtains. Pray for the freedom of humanity.