Sex With A Robot Is The Worst Sin Warns Christian Expert. This Will Send You Straight To Hell.

Sex With A Robot Is The Worst Sin Warns Christian Expert.  This Will Send You Straight To Hell.

SEX robots are “warped” copies of real humans and sinners who use them will be condemned to hell, leading Christian experts have alarmingly warned.

As we move further into the future, one must begin to grapple with new horizons in morality. On my Youtube channel, I asked the question will augmenting our reality into the make-believe world, carry the same consequences for sin as if it were real? All one needs to think about is the HBO TV series Westworld. Westworld was a place in which people paid to carry out fantasies with robots in the Old West. Many of these fantasies involved acts of sex with robots. However, this is not far from the truth. Today, the demand for ultra-realistic sex robots built with artificial intelligence (AI) is soaring as technology becomes more advanced.

Scene From HBOs Westworld

These eerily life-like erotic androids can talk, are programmed to have evolving personalities and can perform dozens of different sexual positions.

One sex robot named Samantha, who “likes to be touched” and has eight different modes, including “romantic” and “family mode”, is already on sale worldwide.

The sex industry is also changing rapidly with brothels beginning to offer permissive sex robots to customers instead of human prostitutes.

But speaking to Daily Star Online, a number of top Christian theologians have taken issue with the idea of developing and using robots for sexual purposes.

Dr Richard Land, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary, in North Carolina, US, said sex with a non-human is “rebelling against God”.

The widespread use of sex robots could have “catastrophic” consequences for human relationships, he said.

Referring to a passage in Corinthians 6 in the Bible, Dr Land said “perverting God’s purpose” for sex is “the worst kind of sin”.

WARPED: Sex with robots has been branded a ‘perversion of God’s purpose’

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