50 Years of Fraud… NASA Never Went.

50 Years of Fraud… NASA Never Went.

After 50 years, you would expect NASA to be a byword in human history. By now everyone should know that NASA was the space organization that tried something impossible but failed. However, as history would have it, NASA never ended. Instead, 50 years later NASA is still hailed as one of the most important organizations in America. It is estimated that America’s shell out more than 50 million dollars in tax revenue a day to this absolutely useless organization. What gives? Why is America so generous to this dinosaur of human failure. We never went to the moon; and furthermore, we stopped trying. However, from the sounds of news bytes today, you would think that NASA is still alive and well. And they are.

As of today, July 16, 2019, newscasters around the world are still reporting the fake news that NASA landed on the moon more than 50 years ago. This was no small feat since nearly every newscaster in the world would need to be in on the ruse. What kind of synchronized effort does it take to get all news sources worldwide to report a fake story? Obviously, there are many newscasters who are more in love with money than the truth. However, the Strangerthanfiction channel on YouTube has compiled a handful of journalists who are willing to speak out against this fraud on the world. See the video above.


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