Witness Describes ‘Three or Four’ Walmart Shooters Dressed in Black

Witness Describes ‘Three or Four’ Walmart Shooters Dressed in Black

The El Paso Walmart shooting is garnering global attention. Democrats are lashing out pushing for gun control, while Conservatives claim that gun control wouldn’t have helped prevent the massacre. Further troubling, the shooter’s odd manifesto that takes an overall anti-government tone.

As the investigation continues, conspiracy theorists are sharing a new video that has some convinced that more than one shooter carried out the tragedy. A video posted on Daily Mail features a woman, claiming to be a witness, detailing what she says were multiple shooters.

patrick crusius

21-year-old Patrick Crusius is accused of gunning down 20 people at an El Paso Walmart.

“Were there more than one person? Was it various people?” The reporter ask her.

“Si’” she replies.

“At least two?” The reporter responds.

“There were at least three or four people,” she continues.

At this juncture of the interview, the reporter attempts to confirm the woman’s story in English.

“So you saw more than one person dressed in black shooting inside the Walmart.” He says.

She’s next asked if the men she saw dressed in black were police, to which she shakes her head “no.”

“I didn’t see their faces. I saw them all dressed in black and they were the ones shooting because I could see their weapons and the bullets firing.”

The woman, clearly distraught, attempts to hold back tears towards the conclusion of the interview. The video is giving validation to those who claim it would be nearly impossible for a gunman to shoot 26 people in a mall setting. But others view suggestions of a conspiracy as an inappropriate response to a tragedy. The video remains posted on Daily Mail’s coverage article, near the footer.

Here’s the original video as posted on Daily Mail.


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