Leprosy Is Spreading In Los Angeles

Leprosy Is Spreading In Los Angeles

If leprosy sounds like a barbaric disease of the Middle Ages, that’s how it is. The disease now has an ugly head in a growing homeless community in Los Angeles. The same homeless community was subject to a public investigation because other diseases, including plague and typhus, have been reported in this area. If you have not been careful yet, time will pass. If leprosy sounds like a barbaric disease of the Middle Ages, that’s how it is. Marc Siegel, professor of medicine and medical director at Doctor Radio at NYU Langone Health, warns the region against leprosy.

According to Dr. Seal’s quotes for The Hill in Los Angeles must pay attention to the warnings. Therefore, there is certainly the possibility that sporadic leprosy will remain undetected by our southern border, said Siegel. Here Dr. Siegel speaks specifically to Los Angeles. It only seems a matter of time before homeless people can suffer from leprosy in an area like Los Angeles County, where nearly 60,000 homeless people live, and 75% of people don’t even have a temporary shelter or adequate sanitation and medical careAll these factors are an ideal vessel for an infectious disease transmitted by nasal drops and respiratory secretions with repeated contact.

Leprosy is diagnosed worldwide by at least 250,000 people a year. It is caused by the Mycobacterium leprae bacterium and causes an attack on the nerves of the body. This can cause the skin to peel off. Without treatment, a person with leprosy can lose their feet and hands, which can lead to permanent disability. I am more concerned about the permanent disability associated with leprosy – which affects 2 to 3 million people worldwide – than the stigma associated with it, “said Dr. Siegel. Los Angeles is at the heart of many public security problems. Already in July, the study announced public health because the city was “infested with rats.”These problems are exacerbated by the growing homeless community in this state.

In December or 2017, the report states that many middle-class Californians slept in their cars. The budget crisis, inflation, and unusually high taxes contribute to the gap between rich and poor, and the homeless community will probably continue to grow. The more people become homeless in Los Angeles, the more often diseases that were once thought to be eliminated will spread. It is a state that remains vigilant on the movement to socialism and whose effects are clearly visible to the nation and the world. During the 2020 election campaigns, this will probably be a topic of conversation.


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