Professor R. Foster Denies Moon Landing And Confirms Flat Earth.

Professor R. Foster Denies Moon Landing And Confirms Flat Earth.

Vincent Rhodes, September 24, 2019

I wanted to talk to you about this Professor R. Foster, who actually said back in the 50s that the moon was not a rock. He said the moon was made of plasma, which actually is something that we’ve been saying in the Flat Earth community for quite some time. It’s amazing to run across this video.

I just happen to stumble upon it, but I thought what he was saying was absolutely remarkable! However, this professor has disappeared along with his research. Not much is known about him. But his discoveries were remarkable, to say the least. If these discoveries had been published, our entire understanding of astrophysics and gravitation would have been significantly altered. All our understanding concerning space travel would have been radically different. His one statement about the moon being made of plasma totally ruled out the possibility of a moon landing.

He brought into question the very nature of the moon and even our understanding of the world in which we live. According to Professor Foster, the moon cannot be landed on because it is light made of plasma.

This agrees with the Word of God. The Bible says that God created two lights. He created a greater light to rule by day, and a lesser light to rule by night and you can find that in the book of Genesis 1:14. God created a light to rule by day and according to current scientific thought, that light is made of plasma. So, if the Sun is made of plasma, then there is a strong possibility that God used the same principle to create the moon. At any rate, the moon is not a piece of rock, but it is a cosmological phenomenon so extraordinary that Dr. Foster says that there needs to be a reinvestigation of all of our laws of nature. Foster believed, if the moon is a plasma, “no man will ever land on it, and all gravitational theories are false. Furthermore, a new understanding of our cosmos and of its laws must evolve.” Professor Foster’s work and his name has been erased from history, but it’s good to have this old news reel to see that people were thinking in the past, that actually confirm what many people in the flat earth community believe today.

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