New Scientific Evidence Proves That Cell Towers Are Killing Honey Bees!

New Scientific Evidence Proves That Cell Towers Are Killing Honey Bees!

Jim Satney September 20, 2019

5g security concerns re-emerge after posting a video showing that bees die under a 5g tower in Sierra Madre, California. Phillip Sites, the creator of the now-viral Youtube video, is not sure if 5G towers are bad for humans, but says they are “definitely not safe for our environment because they kill bees …”.Then the camera pups to dead bees spread out on the sidewalk.

During the shoot, he shows bees falling from the sky between two 5G towers. Sites left the following comment on his video: Before I made this video, I did not notice the bees dying between these two poles. I go to this place every week. And almost every week I would find a lot of dead bees on the ground if I parked. When I saw more scientists and doctors came out on video, how bad 5G is for us and that it has not even been tested on the environment or humans. Even mobile device companies have signed contracts there, stating that they are not responsible for 5G’s health issues. It’s a bit scary! And a few months ago, I realized that the bees were dying between the two poles.

I did some research before I suspected it came from the Poles. I searched the property for more dead bees. But further away from the Polradius there were no bees. I strongly believe that pesticides kill bees. But that shows me that the towers kill the bees as well. And I wanted to raise awareness that this is happening. I think they have 5G tested in many areas. How would you know they work? I saw them putting new plates on these towers about 6 months ago.

This video serves to raise awareness. While 5G health risks remain a controversial issue, many places around the world do not take the allegations lightly. Residents in part of Orange County, California offer countermeasures against 5G Tower installation plans. Finland is pushing for 5G technology. Even NASA and NOAA warn that 5G might disrupt weather forecasting technology.5G has no shortage of critics. But many believe that security claims against 5G are part of a Russian conspiracy to slow down US technological progress. In the end, it’s clear that the 5G controversy is nearing the endpoint.