Scientists Claim Ancient Satellites Guide Our Destiny

Scientists Claim Ancient Satellites Guide Our Destiny

Today I was reading about the Black Knight Alien Satellite and also some of the other satellites that are in the sky. Supposedly there are many different mysterious satellites in the sky. Some call them UFOs because of their unknown origin. But the Black Knight is of particular interest because it underlines our dedication to a non-biblical worldview. For example, one article that I read about it stated that it is approximately 13000 years old. Where did they get the number from? Another article stated that it has been sending signals to the earth for generations. All of this rules out the rule of God over his creation. If we believe that a Black Knight spacecraft and ancient aliens have been monitoring us for thousands of years, then where does the gospel of Jesus Christ fit into this narrative? Jesus came to earth about 2000 years ago to save humanity from their sins, but he also promised to return and take us to a place that he has prepared for us. Yet, scientists don’t mind telling us that we live in a vast universe filled with things that don’t fit our understanding of the gospel.

There are two different realities. One in which we believe God’s Word; that Jesus died for our sins and rose again and that he’s coming back one day to judge the living and the dead, or one in which we believe the contradictions of science. This is why I wrote this article because, under cosmological science, there is a departure from the Word of God. We often attempt to escape these glaring differences by simply saying the Bible is mostly allegory. However, the problem with this is that we make God’s word secondary to science. While scientists have the freedom to concoct artistic renderings of the Universe, Christians must whimper in the shadows of their towering hypotheses and prognostications about humanity. I’m sure this is why the word of God admonishes us to “shun profane¬†and¬†vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness” (2Timothy 2:16).

However, if we are honest, we really have no evidence of life on other planets or even if they exist at all. They could be just merely points of light, enhanced by photoshopped images. We really know very little about where we actually live. The only evidence that our earth is round, comes from the drawing of an artist named Robert Simmons who said the pictures of the earth are photoshopped. We really have never seen an actual image of the earth-not even from a satellite.

The big question is, who do you believe? Do you believe God’s version of the world and the future of mankind, or do you believe most scientists vision of our future? God says what he’s coming back again. He also promises that there will be a Judgment Day in which the sea will give up its dead. At that time, we will all stand before God Almighty, every person that had ever lived. (Revelations 20:13) I’m not trying to be difficult, but we need to really figure this out before Jesus returns or we just might end up getting left behind.

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