Is Heaven Round or Flat?

Is Heaven Round or Flat?

The thought occurred to me that if earth a copy of heaven, then heaven must be a globe. Obviously, most people never think of heaven as a globe, but a dwelling place. Yet, scripture clearly teaches us that earth is a shadow of what heaven is like (Colossians 2:17). God gave mankind dominion over the earth in the same way that he has dominion over heaven. In other words, he wanted human beings to imitate him in keeping the earth in order as he keeps heaven in order. The word dominion means the right to rule. Of course, mankind was never to rule independently of God’s wishes. This is why God made human beings in his image and likeness. Sin marred mankind’s resemblance to God, so Jesus came in the form of mankind to restore what humanity lost when sin entered the world bringing death. This is why Jesus instructed his disciples to pray, that the Father’s will be done in earth as it is done in heaven.

But the question remains, why should the earth realm be any different in form than the heavenly realm? Obviously, God’s aim was to make the earth a replica of heaven. Remember, he made mankind after his image and likeness. He also made the earth to be a shadow of heaven. However, the truth is that scientists have all but erased the biblical narrative of our divine creation and order through evolution and cosmology that totally disputes the biblical record. Yet, most of what is expressed in the biblical record fail to make sense unless it is viewed from the original interpretation of scripture. Such is the case with our understanding of the Lord’s Prayer. When Jesus was on earth, he instructed his disciples to pray, “thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” In other words, humans are in the earth realm rather than on a globe. When we imagine heaven, we imagine a realm of existence that is inside and exclusive to outside intruders. Yet, we have no problem envisioning earth as a spinning ball in space with no boundaries. Heaven has boundaries and gates, yet the scientific view of our earth supports no such boundaries. Scientists prefer us to believe that we live on a round ball with no boundaries. We can imagine that in heaven as a closed environment. Jesus said, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions” (John 14:2).

Actually, the point of the Lord’s Prayer is that we learn to submit to our Heavenly Father’s perspective on things. The Father demands that we live within his will and under his supervision. We are to pray that His Kingdom comes to earth; that his will be done (in) earth as it is (in) heaven. Please notice that Jesus never made provisions for space travel. He never said, thy will be done (on) Mars because space travel is not possible. Living on planets is not possible. Truthfully, we live in a closed system, in a realm that we call earth, that is totally separate from what we perceive to be planets. This is the only way we can truly understand heaven and earth.

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