Space Travel Will Soon Be Obsolete. Teleportation New Kid on the Block

Space Travel Will Soon Be Obsolete.  Teleportation New Kid on the Block

When it comes to space travel, NASA has done very little lately. Of course, they said that they traveled to the moon. However, if this were true, you would think that they would at least have been back by now. According to NASA, they lost technology.

The truth is (at least to myself) that they never went to the moon. However, this is really not about the moon. This is about space exploration and NASA getting better and fooling the public. (In Genesis 1:6-7, God tells us that we cannot leave the earth because there is a firmament that prevents us from leaving). anyway, the latest hoax that NASA is working on is teleportation. In the video above, NASA scientists pretend that they have teleported to the planet Mars (no such thing), which is over 100 million miles away. According to NASA, they now have the ability to recreate the surface of Mars from signals that are beamed back to earth. These signals are so detailed until they can actually piece together enough data to create a realistic hologram of the planet. People now can enter a hologram and experience far away planets through the universe. (yeah right). NASA scientists proposing that this is a new frontier in teleportation. Soon a person entering teleportation will not be able to distinguish reality from fiction. What do you think?

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