The Female Astronauts Brought Something Back With Them After Their Space Walk

The Female Astronauts Brought Something Back With Them After Their Space Walk

If you can believe this report, then you probably believe that the earth is a globe. Anyhow, the historic spacewalk (yeah right) took place on October 18, 2019. NASA reported that it was a historic date for not only NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Agency ) but for women around the world. One would think this is enough news to keep people enthralled for years to come. However, a new development arose during the historic spacewalk that is reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver in Alien. A strange containment got on the glove of one of the women during the spacewalk.

According to the news, the historic expedition was taken-a-back when one of the female astronaut gloves was contaminated. Could it be the green slime, blob, or an alien?

No one knows, but this occurred while NASA astronauts Christine Koch and Jessica Meir were replacing one of the International Space Station’s batter units. This was the result of a failure in one of the BCDU units after a previous spacewalk that took place on October 11th. The spacewalk was considered a success as the unit was successfully repaired and the astronauts even had to complete some extra tasks. However, upon completion and on entering the space station, it was discovered that Koch’s glove had a mysterious contamination. The contaminant, according to Koch, is expected to come from the station’s Canadarm robotic arm during a webcast following the October 21 spacewalk. The BCDU arm is quite heavy (no weight in space, so how does that matter?), And then Koch had to move the robotic arm while in space. Riding the arm is a privilege of its own, Koch explained. She emphasized the rarity of the task and pointed out that many people are exercising just to get the chance to do so. A footrest is attached to one end of the arm while the other is used to grip. Like any moving mechanical part, grease is used to simplify engine functions and prevent depreciation. The engineers believed that it was this grease that Brush had brushed against when he attached the footrest to the end of his arm. Koch had explained that her gloves were now being analyzed and examined in the space station. Either way, Genesis 1:6-7 reminds us that space is water. Perhaps the contamination came from being underwater for so long. Any thoughts?

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