Godzilla 2019 Was The Ultimate Death To Humanity Movie

Godzilla 2019 Was The Ultimate Death To Humanity Movie

Is anybody else tired of Hollywood telling us how bad humans are for the world besides me? The story usually goes like this. The earth is in crisis, and scientists around the world all agree that the problem is us. We have used too many of the earth’s resources. We are polluting the earth too much. We are multiplying too much and we must reduce the population of the earth so that we can reduce our carbon footprint. Of course, if you really believe all of this garbage, please stop reading this post right now, because it will only irritate you. There’s no hope for you. You’re brainwashed.

It seems that the news and movies have been weaponized. Their goal is to take over the minds of the unsuspecting with their propaganda. In Godzilla 2019, that is exactly what they did. I’m sure some young people will want to go home and kill themselves, to save the planet, after watching this movie.

Anyway, the plot was all about population reduction. The plain of the supervillain was to unleash monsters upon the earth so that it could be cleansed. People struggled with this at first – of course, but after the monsters were released, they were made to feel comforted in the fact that the scientist was destroying the earth for the ultimate good of the planet. Moviegoers were conned into believing that the supervillain was doing what was best in her own way.

The thing that I find so disturbing about this is that people actually believe that our fate is in the hands of scientists, rather than God. The scientist was a nut! She kept telling people around her that she was helping to save the earth.

It is actually quite unbelievable that scientists think that they can save the earth. Yet, this is what we are told in every magazine, news report, and movie that we see.

According to scientists, they know what the earth needs- Monsters! Look at what the psalmist had to say about the earth in Psalm 24. He says that the Earth belongs to God.

Truthfully, the Bible says that the earth will come to a sudden end. According to God, that will be a day of fiery judgment. Will you be ready? Jesus died for our sins so that we can be ready. Please ask him into your heart today.

by Vincent Rhodes