Is QAnon Real? Explaining Q.

Is QAnon Real? Explaining Q.

Since President Trump was elected to office, you may have noticed the prevailing notion that there is a “deep state” operating behind the President’s back in the United States. Does this claim have any value or is it completely unfounded?

According to historian Crystal Ferreira, this idea is merely a diversion in order to deceive President Trump’s followers, while the true goals of the Illuminati elite remain concealed. Accordingly, Trump’s followers see him as a superhero in the fight against the deep state. She states that QAnon is a sophisticated right-wing conspiracy theory that focuses on the president. In fact, Trump’s Twitter account has tweeted about QAnon more than 25 times. There is a person known only as Q who is said to be a senior government insider who drops online breadcrumbs to show believers the dark secrets of who really rules the world. The basic premise is that the world is governed by a cabal that controls everything. They control Hollywood and all politicians and the highest areas of the economy and mainstream media. In the QAnon narrative, Donald Trump knows everything about this cabal and has been planning to eliminate it for decades.

Since his election, he has worked with this group of military intelligence officers, known as the Q team. They believe that this Q team consists of double agents in the government near the president, and they reveal the details of the operation in coded messages. And all of this happens via online message boards like 4chan and 8chan. Many believe that QAnon will ultimately investigate and eliminate political corruption. One example of political corruption is the Clinton Body Count. There are some QAnon followers who believe that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the death of JFK Jr. in July 1999. This was retweeted by President Trump shortly after Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The general ideas within QAnon certainly spread outside the QAnonis widespread.

Charlie Kirk, a very popular conservative commentator who has met with the president, appeared on Fox News and spoke in colleges all over the country promoting Department of Justice statistics which claimed, that human trafficking arrests had skyrocketed under President Trump. The statistics on human trafficking were produced by the QAnon community and leaked to Charlie Kirk’s Twitter account.

Origins of the term, “deep state” was coined in Turkey in the 1990s when the military (with the support of the United States) worked with drug dealers and fighters to wage a dirty war against Kurdish insurgents. The deep state was then defined as a kind of rule based on the high level of military autonomy that allowed the security apparatus to disrupt formal democratic institutions (in the foreground) by using a sui generis repertoire of informal institutions (in the background), autocratic, cliques, organized crime and corruption.

In the United States, the term “deep state” was popularized by Mike Lofgren. He used the term to refer to a hybrid union of elements of government and parts of finance and industry at the highest level, capable of effectively governing the United States without referring to the approval of the governed by the formal political process.

Is there any truth to this?

If you see the Deep State phenomenon as a conspiracy to undermine democracy, then yes, it’s true. However, some believe Trump’s role in all of this is to keep the public distracted. Therefore many of his sometimes outrageous tweets only serve to distract people away from the real subversion of our American civil liberties. Civil liberties that give Americans more freedom rather than less.

It is enough that attention is distracted from what is happening in the background. For example, more gun control, more surveillance, and less privacy. The world elite are deliberately moving out of the spotlight to enrich the circle of private power and prosperity. For example, the regime is trying to eliminate the Dodd-Frank Act, which imposes some controls on predatory financial systems. As another example, the US constituency cannot vote on trade agreements. Trade agreements are agreements between Congress and the executive. Congress does not vote on the agreement itself, but rather on a bill that includes any changes in U.S. law that are required to bring the United States into compliance with the agreement. Whatever anyone believes, it is certain that the deep state is indeed real. There is a group of people who are actively at work to subvert and undermine the very principles on which rest the civil liberties of all Americans. And perhaps the reason everyone believes that there is a QAnon, is because there needs to be. Maybe this is why people are willing to believe in fictitious stories about superheroes and legendary elite military groups such as QAnon. In truth, we need a savior. One that is true. One who is not a politician. One who sits above all mankind. The Bible tells us that one person is Jesus Christ. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

By Vincent Rhodes