Are we IN the Earth or are we ON the Earth?

For years I had wondered about the Lord’s prayer and how it is worded.    In the prayer, the disciples, as you know in Matthew chapter 6, asked the Lord to teach them to pray and then Jesus told them on many occasions how to pray.   In this case, he told them to pray, “Thy will be done IN earth as it is IN heaven.”    I want you to notice this because it says this in the King James Version but few others.    In the gospel of Matthew, he says “After this manner, you pray: Our Father, which art IN heaven…”  I want you to notice the phrase, ‘in heaven’ and then he said, “  Thy will be done…“IN Earth”.
This is a key that the word in has been changed over many biblical texts because of disbelief and the new theory that the earth was round.

But only the original King James Version has the true vernacular for what the earth is. The earth is a closed system in which we live. The earth is not a round ball but it is an enclosed system.

This is our enclosed system. Around us is an atmosphere and outside of us is water.

Now, they try to explain this using the globe model but it really does not fit what the Bible is saying.
The Bible is actually saying that we live in a system more like the picture above. You have the Earth, then you have an enclosed system which is a dome covering the earth, then you have the Sun, Moon, and the Stars up inside above.  So inside of this earth atmosphere, is where we dwell.

There’s water up above.

Of course, I’ve talked about this before in other posts, but here is another picture of it here.    So that word ‘IN’ is different than the word ‘ON’.    This lines up with scripture because in the beginning, we are told that the Spirit of God hovered above the face of the deep.

Now, let’s go back and let’s take a look at some of the other versions of the Bible which are later versions of the Bible after the time that men really accepted, believed that the King James Version is the oldest version and I think it was established in the 1600s.

So, the King James Version has been around much longer and so, as a result, men had not accepted the Copernican view of the universe which tells us that the earth is that the earth is a round ball and this is a little bit different here in the New International Version which has been around probably since the 1970s. It says, “Your kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” So you can see that there’s a difference in the way that they view that there.

Now, all of this is important because again, people who are Flat Earth people have been identified as people who interpret the Bible too literally.   But if we are to believe the Bible, then it is important to take it literally.   The Bible is inerrant and trusts worthy.   God has actually inspired holy men to write these words and they are without error.

Look at this passage, “All Scripture is God-breathed and useful in full instruction, for conviction, for correction and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16-17).    In other words, all Scripture is given to the writers by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, if scripture was given via the Holy Spirit, then it is inerrant. This simply means that the scripture here is infallible. That’s what we have. We talked about the infallibility and inerrancy of the Scriptures.  So if the Scriptures are inerrant, in other words, If what God said is truer than what man says then we can trust Scripture and we can trust the Holy Spirit to understand science and understand some of these laws of science that are being put out there by man to explain away God.  The Bible was not wrong when it said in the earth and that the earth is a self-contained system where it’s… We are inside the earth, we are inside a self-contained object and I want you to see this because this is important. I want you to see how people will try to explain away the infallibility of God’s Word by simply trying to insert science into the Bible.

Observe how this priest, Dr. Guy Consolmagno attemtps to explain away God’s wording in scripture in preference for science.

 Dr. Guy Consolmagno


“A couple of years ago, I was asked to do a Bible study group I’m thinking Catholics don’t do Bible studies, you know and then to do Bible study group in Houston. Catholics definitely don’t do Bible studies in Texas. To do a Bible study group in Houston with a bunch of astronauts. Astronauts? Oh, I could do that. You know, so I wound up at a dinner evening up about 12 couples, all of  them astronauts and spouses, one of the guys… Half of them are Catholic as it turns out. So much for Catholics not doing Bible studies. One of the guys came up to me and said, “You know, I just want to let you know I believe in the absolute truth that creation was made in the six days just as described in the book of Genesis and that’s my religion. I just want to let you know that ahead of time”,

…and I’m thinking, you know, have you actually read Genesis where it says the world is flat and it’s covered with the dome and there’s water above and below the dome, you know, where does the shuttle go? How come you don’t get wet?

But then, he told me a little bit more. He said, you know, before he was an astronaut, he was a test pilot. Test pilots, you don’t want to have the habit of creatively reinterpreting their written instructions. Just another owner’s manual because that’s the way they view the world. Whereas, in the ancient world, you know, what are the oldest books we have? The Iliad, The Odyssey, they’re poems, they’re books of poetry and the world was interpreted in terms of metaphor and simile and of course, the crazy thing is science itself is metaphor and simile. Newton’s equation for the fall of a rock due to the laws of gravity is a poem. It says, “The path of this falling rock is like the solution to this equation.”


Okay. So, you can see this priest, he has totally lost his faith and confidence in the Word of God.   To him the BIble is just a bunch of similes and metaphors. So, when the Bible says  Joshua told the Sun to stand still.  He doesn’t believe it, because it doesn’t agree with science.  It would be impossible for the Sun to stand still if the earth is rotating around the Sun as it appears in the heliocentric model.    To him, it would not be possible for the Sun to stand still because the Sun is not moving across the sky as the Bible teaches.  This priest is a very learned man because he has degrees from MIT and an expert in engineering but obviously these degrees have actually taken him farther away from God.   He’s obviously is a deceiver because he is posing as a representative of Christ, who touts science over faith in God’s word.   His desire is that people would lay down their faith in God’s infallible Word at the doorstep of science.

I just want to read you a couple of other things up in scriptures that tell us again, that they’re earth is an enclosed system.

I want you to notice here in Job chapter 37 verse 18. It says, “Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong…” the sky is strong… “Like molten looking-glass”. That’s what the sky is. In other words, there is a glass molting, a glass over us and the Lord is telling us that in Job but again, when you confront science, when you confront it with science, you have to ask yourself, “Will I believe people who have the degrees from the universities or will I believe the inerrancy of God’s Word?” and what we have to ultimately do is come to the conclusion that we’re going to believe the inerrancy of God’s Word over anything else.

Here, I want you to notice here in Psalms chapter 104 verse 5, It says, “He set the earth on its foundations and it can never be moved.”   In other words, the earth sits on a foundation.   This means we are sitting on top of a foundation that is beneath us.   It also means that there is an up and there is a down.  So, if there is an up and a down, then the ball earth is impossible.  So, the scriptures support that the earth is a self-contained place where the Lord has placed us.  Above us there’s water and the stars are in the firmament.  We live in the earth, not on it.

Jesus said to Pilot, “You say that I am a king,” Jesus answered. “For this reason I was born and have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to My voice” (Matthew 18:37).