Blinded By The Media

Are you blinded by the media?  As a child, I grew up watching television.  During that time, I would sit and watch TV for hours. The Three Stooges, Batman, Leave it to Beaver, Gilligan’s Island, and Superman, just to name a few.  Needless to say, the impact that these shows have had on my life can never be underestimated.  As a child, I remember jumping from the top of a two story coal shed in hopes that I would fly through the air like Superman.  Needless to say, I was injured pretty badly.  However, this illustrates the remarkable influence that the media can have over our lives.  Today, the media seems to be everywhere.  Many people have more TVs in their homes than people.  Notwithstanding, walk into any restaurant, barbershop, beauty parlor, or place of business, and you will see a flat screen on every wall. 

Television is so ubiquitous, that we often question what would we have ever done without it.  From our smart phones, to our 80” home entertainment centers, we have come to depend on the media.  The question is; however, what is the true effect of television on our lives?   Studies conducted by Shramm, Rao and others have shown that the impact of television on society and its development is ‘constant and cumulative.’  Television is, therefore, more about social engineering than entertainment.  In deed, it shapes and influences our behavior.  This is done without us even being aware of it.   For example, random shootings within America have rose exponentially since 911 and no one seems to know why.  We are inundated to story after story of various random shootings across America.  This is followed by appeals after appeal from celebrities and lawmakers to institute stricter gun laws.  All of this is done under the law which is designed to keep guns out of the hands of unstable madmen.  However, somehow the media switches the focus off of the crime of the criminal, to the need to reduce the freedoms of law abiding citizens; and no one seems to notice.

In a video done by the YouTuber, DRU Story News, a constant narrative is played multiple times, using the same words, on multiple networks across America over and over again. 

One might say, this is just a coincidence, however, according to Shramm and Rao, the goal of this is to assist people to set common goals and arrive at consensus. In other words the goal of media is indoctrination.  When did the media change their goals to indoctrination? 

Perhaps since its inception.  Anyway, the real question for a follower of Christ is, are you blinded by the media?  Furthermore, since the media is deliberately attempting to blind us, what should we do about it?    See what Paul had to tell the believers in the city of Rome concerning world indoctrination. “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect”(Romans 12:2).   The word “conformed” in the greek transliterated is suschematizo- means to conform one’s self, to another pattern.  The word mind is nous which here means the facalty of perceiving and understanding, but also those of feeling, judging and determining. It is not only thinking, but feeling and perceptions that are affected. In other words, we are  to have a totally regenerated mind.When the media influence us, its goals are to conform us to the world philosophy and the world ways of thinking.  I should no longer think like the world, but I should evaluate everything that I am taught through the lens and light of the word of God.    Lets us strive to do this.