Former NASA Employee, Matthew Boylan, Blows Whistle on NASA and Becomes A Flat Earth Follower

Matthew Boylan worked for years with NASA as their operational graphics manager.   His work dealt mostly with creating computer-generated graphics of outer space and the planets. However, Boylan quit his job with NASA because NASA was a dishonest organization. Boylan stated that NASA’s has been covering up the nature of our world for years. In fact, he stated that NASA has been deceiving the public into believing in space and the heliocentric model of the cosmos. Boylan was originally recruited because of his skills and reputation as a hyper-realist multi-media artist, he started doing projects like photoshopping various lighting and atmospheric effects onto images of Earth, the Moon, Jupiter, Europa, etc. Having proved himself, and wanting to promote him to do more classified work, a room of NASA higher-ups during a party, as a type of initiatory-rite, explained to him and a few others in detail the reality of the Geocentric Flat-Earth model and how they have fooled the entire world!

Boylan refused to be a part of their deception. Soon after, Boylan began researching the Flat-Earth for himself and has recently become a powerful voice on the lecture circuit and the internet exposing NASA and their heliocentric hoax. In his comedic lectures, he speaks candidly and eloquently about how simple it is using nothing more than Adobe Photoshop and a video editor to create any and every type of image NASA purports to be “receiving from the Hubble telescope.”

He points out how in most ball-Earth videos lazy NASA graphics workers don’t even bother changing cloud structures in the ordinary or time-lapse footage; the same shape, color and condition cloud cover often stays completely unchanged for 24 hour periods and longer! Boylan states unequivocally that every picture and video of the ball-Earth, all the Moon/Mars landings, the existence of orbiting satellites, space stations, and all Hubble images are hoaxed. He even quips anecdotes about how NASA officials and astro-nots privy to the Flat-Earth truth would laugh hysterically at the brain-washed zombie public who unquestioningly believe their televisions.