NASA Documents Reveal Flat Non-Rotating Earth Proves Educational Indoctrination

I recently posted documents revealing that NASA uses the term Flat Non-Rotating earth in their flight manuals and calculations.  As usual, I get the same kind of insults.  “Flatard,”  “idiot,” and  “uneducated.”   Out of all of the insults, I think the fact that I am called uneducated bothers me the most.   Now, before you judge me as vain, please understand why.  The reason that I feel this is the worst kind of comment that a person could make is that there is too much evidence that the earth is flat.  NASA and a host of other agencies actually prove through their internal documentation that the earth is flat and non-rotating. Some of the information is so blatant and out in the open, that one would have to be a fool not to see that we have been deceived.

Actually, we were educated, but not in truth.  Could it be that our education system is designed to educate us in lies rather than the truth? It certainly seems like it.  This is why I chose to research what I was taught in school about the nature of our world.  And after researching the issue, I find that there is more evidence against a flat non-rotating earth than against it.  It seems that people who call me uneducated, neglect to do what an educated person does-research.    There is simply too much evidence that the earth is flat and non-rotating, like the2015  document that comes from the Federal Aviation Administration, that says that the calculations that they did in order to simulate that landing of an aircraft was calculated based on a flat, non-rotating earth.

Federal Aviation Administration Abstract

This document describes a closed-loop aircraft model for testing the performance of Flight-deck Interval Management (FIM) avionics. The derivation of a point-mass aircraft model with and without winds is presented. Guidance control laws used to track a four-dimensional trajectory, described as a reference horizontal path, a vertical profile, and an indicated airspeed command, are also presented. In particular, two-speed management modes, used to control the aircraft’s speed during descent while also managing the aircraft’s altitude relative to the reference vertical profile, are described. The data format of the reference horizontal path is described in detail, including an algorithm for mapping the aircraft’s position in the horizontal plane onto the reference horizontal path. Lastly, parameters for representing different aircraft types using the general equations are enumerated.

 Reference Frames Assuming a flat, non-rotating Earth, an inertial reference frame N is defined with the nˆ1 axis aligned with the east, the nˆ2 axis aligned with north, and the nˆ3 axis pointing up from the Earth.

In other words, in order to train pilots how to take off and land aircraft, the Federal Aviation  Administration calculations are done assuming a flat nonrotating earth model to train pilots.

Why would they do this is the earth is rotating at 1000 miles per hour at the equator?  Is it because the earth really is flat and non-rotating?  I think so.

NASA’s Derivation and Definition of a Linear Aircraft Model

Another document that gives evidence of a flat non-rotating earth is found on the NASA website.  In their 1998 document publish regarding the Derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model they define this function as “A linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying over a flat, nonrotating earth is derived and defined. The derivation makes no assumptions of reference trajectory or vehicle symmetry. The linear system equations are derived and evaluated along a general trajectory and include both aircraft dynamics and observation variables.

Obviously, the reason that NASA aviation experts give their definition in terms of a flat non-rotating earth is that the earth is flat and non-rotating.

1972 NASA Document

Further evidence is found in a 1972 NASA document.   In the following document, this offers further proof that the earth is not rotating and is flat.

” l.- Earth-fixed axis system and body axis system at vehicle lift-off. Transformation 2 The radar provides range, azimuth, and elevation data from the radar site to the vehicle throughout the flight. These data in conjunction with wind data can be easily converted to the pitch yp and yaw ry flight-path angles. (See appendix.) It is assumed herein that the earth is represented as a flat, nonrotating reference frame.”

It is evident that the real uneducated people are those who are stuck in a matrix of lies.  A matrix so deceptive that it causes people to deny the evidence that is right before their faces in preference to the indoctrination that they receive from a public education.  A public education that causes them to deny what is plain to them.  In closing, I would like you to listen to the prophet from the Old Testament.

“Son of man, you are living in a rebellious house. They have eyes to see but do not see, and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious house.   Ezekiel 12:2