Is President Trump A Time Traveler?

News about Donald Trump just keeps getting more bizarre every day. It seems that Donald Trump is not only under suspicion for being a Russian plant, but he’s also for being a time traveler.  The rumor began when an observant reader noticed that Barron Trump, (Donald Trump’s son) name and face appeared in a 19th-century children’s books written by Ingersoll Lockwood.

Ingersoll Lockwood (2 August 1841 – 30 September 1918) was known for his Baron Trump children’s novels. He also wrote, The Last President, a non-fiction works in which he seemed to depict that a president, whose name was Pence, would be the last president.  The resemblance was so strong that it has people wondering, “does the Trump family have the ability to travel through time?”

As a matter of fact, many people are quite stirred up by the author’s second book, “The Last President,” and its accurate depiction of the circumstances surrounding the election of our current president, Donald Trump, and the protests that followed.  Throughout the book, Baron is depicted wearing lavish clothing in search of his mentor Don in Russia… Russia, the same country of which President Trump is now under investigation for collusion in the 2016 election.  Whether this is true or not, it seems that the coincidences do not stop there.  President Trump’s name was also featured in a 1990 Heavy Metal Magazine article called the “Wall,” Vol. 14, No. 3.  This article feature Donald Trump building a wall around the entire city of New York.

Also, Trump’s name was also featured in a 1958 television show called “Trackdown,” starring Robert Culp as a Texas Ranger call Hoby Gilman, in which a conman Walter Trump, proposes to save an entire western city from a meteorite shower by building a wall around the entire city.

These are strange coincidence indeed, considering president Trump ran on the campaign promise of building a wall around the United States and is now organizing a space force.  This space force according to Trump will help the United States maintain U.S. dominance in space.  The theme of space, meteorites, time travel, and odd coincidences in history seem to follow the Trump family more than any other first family in U.S. history.


Barron Trump 

Donald Trump son Barron has been in the eye of the public since Trump has taken office. Although he has tried his best to stay out of the spotlight, many people have wondered about the young lad’s mysterious persona.  His quiet and rather reticent behavior has made the public more speculative about him.  Of course, he looks quite different than he did when his father first took office, but the resemblance between the image in the children’s book and Barron Trump is quite striking.

Now that Barron is a middle schooler, the public is becoming even more curious about the young man. It turns out that Barron is quite resilient.  In an interview, his mother stated that Barron reminds her of her husband Donald. He is driven towards success and is quite opinionated. He knows what he wants and goes after it.  It also turns out that Barron is more intelligent than any one might have thought. Barron Trump is multilingual. It’s well-known that, Barron Trump‘s mother, Melania, speaks multiple languages. Barron Trump speaks fluent Slovenian along with French. It is not know how well he speaks French, but he has been speaking it since he was three years old.  After all, he is the son of a billionaire who has more than enough money to pay for his son to be educated at some of the best schools in the country.

The Last President

Meanwhile, “The Last President,” another piece of Lockwood’s literature, draws obvious parallels to the 2016 election, as it takes place in a panicked New York City in early November after an unpopular candidate wins the presidency.  The uncanny parallel between “The Last President” and President Trump’s 2016 election win- along with the parallel references to Russia is enough to make one’s head spin.  In the book, a new President is elected. This president was an unlikely candidate who was most unlikely to win and although he ran against a very strong opposition, somehow against all odds, he won. What’s odd about this is that the crowd of people surrounding the opposition was sure that he would not win.  The time before the election people were celebrating and emboldened in their confidence of their candidate winning.  However, when the news burst upon them that the underdog had won, their outrage was no small stir.  The response that ensued following the election was strikingly similar to what happened following the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump.  Swarms of people hit the streets in protest.  Chanting and causing mayhem.  mass riots and violent protesters stormed the streets. The city of New York had to be shut completely down.  Police had to be deployed everywhere. The country’s democratic process was so shaken, that not one single person seemed consolable.

Telsa’s Time Machine

Some have theorized president Trump may have gotten the blueprints to Nikola Tesla’s time machine and used them to travel through time.  According to many sources, John Trump, Donald Trump’s uncle, would have likely used the notes of Nikola Tesla to build a time machine.   He apparently looked into the fantastic theories of the great inventor and found time travel useful for gaining wealth and power.   He not only used this device to make his nephew wealthy but also to cause him to win the 2016 presidential election.

John G. Trump’s Time Machine

John Trump was the younger brother of Donald Trump’s father Fred. According to Donald Trump, John G. Trump is his “brilliant uncle.  The “New Yorker” states that President Trump considered John, “one of the top, top professors at M.I.T.”  Notwithstanding, John was an electrical engineer with the National Defense Research Committee of the Office of Scientific Research and Development.   Dr. John Trump was responsible for analyzing all of Nikola Tesla’s papers which were illegally seized by the office of Alien Property after Tesla’s death in 1943.  John Trump stated in the official report to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation that Tesla’s papers had little practical value. However, this report must be false because Tesla had been working on a time machine, weather modification, and a death ray which Tesla claimed could destroy a fleet of 300 enemy aircraft up to 250 miles away!  Furthermore, the FBI had their Office of Alien Property carry out the seizure.   More than  80 truckloads of inventions, research, and photographs were confiscated.

It would seem that John Trump derived what he needed to create his time machine and send his nephew Donald back in time to become a rich president!

Back To The Future

Let us not forget that in the movie, “Back to the Future.” the character Biff was created after the personality of Donald Trump.  According to the “Guardian,” the screenwriter, Bob Gale, stated that Marty’s nemesis in the “Back to the Future” trilogy was modeled after president Donald Trump.  In Back to the Future, Marty keeps getting bullied by a classmate, Biff Tannen.  The world really turns upside down when Biff gains access to a time machine and sends himself to the future to becomes a successful businessman who opens a 27-story casino and, in an odd twist of the story uses his money to influence US politics.  Marty has to stop Biff before he destroys the country.  In the movie, protesters line the streets in protest against this power-hungry tyrant.

It does seem quite odd that Donald Trump’s uncle just happens to be one of the chief scientist given the privilege and priority of examining Nikola Tesla’s notes on time machine, and that time travel is the only logical explanation as to why Donald Trump’s son, Barron is featured in a 19th-century children’s book in which the main character featured even resembles the young son.

As a special caveat to this story, this could all be a mere coincidence.  And since time travel is not currently possible, it probably is.