The strange connection between Donald Trump, the hollow earth, and time travel.

A strange resemblance exist between the United States, first son, Barron Trump, and a fictional character, Baron Trump, in a 19th century children’s books.  This resemblance is so striking that it has people wondering, does the Trump family have the ability to travel through time.  As a matter of fact, many people are quite stirred up by the authors second book, “The Last President,” and its accurate depiction of the circumstances surrounding the election of our current president, Donald Trump, and the mayhem that followed.

The two books: “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey” and “The Last President.  “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey introduces us to an extremely wealthy young man named Baron Trump who lives in Castle Trump.   Baron sets off on an adventure to Russia to track down an alternate dimension, as a “master of all masters” named Don guides him along the way.” These books were written by Ingersoll Lockwood.  Lockwood was an American political writer, lawyer and novelist.

Throughout the book, Baron is depicted wearing lavish clothing. The character received a sequel called “The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar.”

Meanwhile, “The Last President,” another piece of Lockwood literature, draws obvious parallels to the 2016 election, as it takes place in a panicked New York City in early November as an unpopular candidate wins the presidency.

Now I will admit this, I don’t believe in time travel for humanity because there is nothing that mankind can do to escape from his temporal position in time.  Man is chained to time and bound to the earth until God finally brings an end to time, and passes judgement upon him for either accepting or rejecting his one and only Son, Jesus.  Remember, judgement was laid upon mankind in the garden of eden after humanity fell. 

Hebrews 9:27 reminds us, that it is appointed once for man to die, and then face judgment.  A judgment that you and I could never escape.   This is why time travel would be impossible for mankind. 

“The Last President” also references a hotel on Fifth Avenue being the center of a furious mob  the same location as Trump Tower, which has been the site of multiple protests since Trump was elected president.

The uncanny parallel between “The Last President” and President Trump’s 2016 election win- along with the parallel references to Russia is enough to make one’s head spin.

Some have theorized president Trump may have gotten the blue prints to Nikola Tesla’s time machine and used them to travel through time.  According to most sources, John Trump, Donald Trump’s uncle would have likely used the noes of Nikola Tesla to build a time machine.

Nikola Tesla & John Trump

The legend-tellers suggest that Donald’s uncle John George Trump, who was a very well-known scientist and inventor, oversaw the examination of famous engineer Nikola Tesla’s notes after his death.  Serbian-born Tesla moved to the US in 1891 was famed for his reputation as a “mad scientist”.

Tesla was also well-known in his later years for exploring theoretical subjects, and even made very early pronouncements into the possibility of wireless connectivity.

He apparently looked into fantastic theories such as free energy, antigravity, invisibility, and most importantly time travel.

John George Trump
  Once again, I do not believe in time travel; however, time travel might be possible on a limited bases for fallen angels.  God has released spirit  beings fallen ones and demons upon the earth who have great powers.  Perhaps even the  power to manipulate events within the space time continuum of mankind.  If this is true, then demons or fallen angels could effectively travel along with humanity through time and influence the entire course of history.

However, there is one caveat that I want the reader to be aware.   Fallen angels do not travel to, or know the future.  I simply mean that fallen angels never die, exist outside our time constraints, and are masters at technologies and sorceries.  They have been consistently influencing the historical time line of humanity since Adam. 

They plot on people and reside in  their dynasties.  They manipulate our history through trickery, sorcery, and deceit. But only God knows the future.  If fallen angels were really able to travel into the future, then their false prophets would be able to predict the future.  As you know many psychic readings and prophetic words uttered from the mouths of false prophets are often wrong.  This is the test to prove that a prophet’s word is from God.  Often, psychics and seers get some predictions right, but this is because the demonic host practice deceit to gain trust, but they really do not know the future.  Remember Deuteronomy 18:22: if the words of a prophet come true, then it is from the Lord because only God knows the future.

Because angelic being never die physically.  Remember, physical death was a judgment that was passed on to humanity at the fall of Adam.  So since angels never die physically, it is not only possible, but highly likely that angelic beings are at work manipulating the history of humanity. 

These alteration to our timeline could span through all of the ages of mankind, effectively changing and influencing the whole course of history.   In the movie “fallen,” a murderous fallen angel sang: “Time is on our side,” to indicate that fallen angels are not bound by the human contraints of time.