Why the Media is Silent about Neil de Grasse Tyson’s Rape Allegations?

Neil de Grasse Tyson is no stranger to sexual scandals.  From the unsubstantiated claims of  former students, to a former classmate, Tyson’s list might be quite large.  However, for some strange reason Tyson has been able to slide past such scathing allegations with not so much as a word from the mainstream media.  While one may argue that the reason for this is because they have not been substantiated yet, but I beg to differ. Tyson’s case is no different than any other of the headline scandals involving men of public notoriety, such as: Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Missouri Governor Eric Greiten, Dr. Larry Nassar rapist of (Simone Biles), Matt Lauer, and President Donald Trump.  Yet, Tyson, who is practically the most sought after space guru and scientist in the world, has been largely given a pass when it comes to answering the rape allegation that have been leveled against him.

Accordingly, accusations of sexual misconduct started surfacing about Tyson in 2014, amid the sexual allegations against famed TV dad, and beloved comedian, Bill Cosby.  However, unlike Cosby, little light was shed on these serious accusations against Tyson, even though Tyson was accused of the very same thing as Bill Cosby.

According to Tchiya Amet, she was drugged and raped by Tyson in 1984 while they were both students at the  University of Texas.

In a blog post she claims, Tyson slipped her a “mickie” — a slang-term for the date rape drug GhB — and then took her back to a room where he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The essay, written as an open letter to Tyson, asks the scientist what he would say to his family and hers, given his past shameful behavior.

Tchiya also accused Tyson of being the very reason that she never pursued her dream of becoming an astronaut and scientist.  Tchiya stated that Tyson has probably raped many students in the past; and alleged that he was known for giving failing undergraduate students an “A” for a blow job.

In 2016  Tchiya joined a campaign called #me too, to help other women who have been victims of sexual abuse and assault to speak out, but received little notice by mainstream media outlets.

As of today, little is known of the scorned female’s complaint against the famed Tyson.

Could this be because Tyson is innocent, or because Tyson is a useful idiot.  To say this is not to question his scholarship; although one cannot truly tell about the true background of anyone in this time of great deception.  But what I mean by the expression is that Tyson is too important to the campaign against God to be sacrificed.

Since Tyson’s name has become a household word, millions have turned from the God of creation, to the god of science.  Tyson flagrant statements and stance against God are well known.  He has been one of the greatest promoters nihilism (godlessness) of our time.


Getting rid of Tyson would mean getting rid of the religion of science.  So the media continues to ignore it.  There’s an interesting quote by Jesus in John 15:19 that sums up the reason why Tyson is still popular.  Jesus said, “the world loves its own.”

Tyson is still around because the godless of this world love him.  He is just the right kind of puppet that they need to promote their agenda of godlessness.  So in the biblical sense, the world needs Tyson to lead the march of rebellion against God.  He simply is too valuable to them to sacrifice.

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  1. Good Rising. Correction, I did not start the #metoo movement. That is Tarana Burke. Ironically, my story and statements have been ignored by #astrosh ( sexual harassment in Astronomy departments: have learned this does not deal with Rape or Black People) and #metoo: even tho initiated by a Black woman, no longer applies to People of Color (#MistyUpham #MMIW ). A reporter from Buzzfeed was conducting an investigation from 2016 until last month, then dropped the case. Now other reporters are waiting for me to send them more infirmation. Thank you for sharing my story wuth your readers. One Love

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