Why I Believe Space Flight Is Not Possible As A Flat Earther

How do they account for the telemetry loss brought on by the lack of wind? Aerodynamics operate under the laws of lift, drag and thrust. Since in space, the laws of aerodynamics are cancelled by the lack of oxygen, how can they control the vehicle?

To vector the vehicle, without some form of drag, would be impossible. Also, if there is no atmosphere in space, then how do they keep the space craft from exploding? The lack of air pressure would do the same thing to a space craft that the weight of the sea does to submarines that travel to extreme depths – only, opposite. Instead of the ship being crushed due to the weight of the ocean being greater than the air pressure inside the ship, the ship would explode, due to the lack of air pressure balancing the air pressure outside of the space vehicle. One more thing. If space is a vacuum, how can a rocket booster maintain thrust efficiency. Thrust on earth is based on air that is pushed in the direction opposite to flight. The thrust is made by the spinning blades of a propeller. Thrust can also be made by a rotating fan pushing air out from the back of a jet engine or the rapid release of gases from a rocket. Thrust is expressed in relationship to the weight of an object. If space is a weightless, and an airless vacuum, then thrust is not possible. Consider what would happen if you were to seal the lips of a ballon fill with air, to the mouth of a vacuum cleaner. Once the vacuum is turned on, and the gas in the balloon is released, thrust is cancelled.
You’re telling me, in 1969, they developed such technology to account for these tremendous obstacles to space flight in in 1969? Its nothing but pride and arrogance that blinds people into believing this hoax. We are all being deceived.

All travel is only possible because of friction. The vehicle must interact with its surrounding environment in order for momentum and subsequent travel to be possible. Friction can only be produced when one object comes in contact with another object that supports it. Since space is a frictionless environment, momentum is not possible Rocket thrust would thrust and continue to thrust with no effect, because friction is not possible in a frictionless environment. Without the friction of a fluid movement is not possible. Any vehicle would be totally powerless in space because a frictionless, weightless, void would negate any of the earth bound principles of motion that we understand. Picture shooting a bullet at a ghost. Since the ghost exist in a world we cannot interact with, the bullet would not effect on the spirit. Subsequently, thrusters would have no effect in the empty world of space. if a man fell off a cliff, he’d be powerless to stop his descent. if there were no air, a parachute would fail. We cannot leave the earth.