Trump Wants of a Global Trade War Will Create Economic Collapse And Further The NWO Agenda

Since Trump has been in office, many Americas have been uneasy.  This uneasiness is now coming from both sides of the aisle.  As a Trump supporter, I can identify with what its like to feel uneasy about someone that I voted for.  President Trump was supposed to drain the swamp.  He campaigned on the promise to Make America Great Again.  He promised to improve our American infrastructure, create new jobs, rescue the staggering economy, and put Americans back to work again.  He promised to close our boarder to illegal immigrants and improve the life of black Americans in the urban communities.  However, his policies and goals for doing this seem to be doing more harm than good. Since he has taken office, his focus has been more on a global concerns, rather than American concerns.  His policies have been more in line with his predecessors than more of his supporters have been willing to admit.  Could Mr. Trump be naive, or could there be an entirely different agenda in play?  It is no secret that those who make it to the top do so by literally selling their soul to outside influencers.  That is, secret organizations who are bent on the destruction of America in order to push their New World Order  (NWO) agenda.  We had high hopes that Mr. Trump was so wealthy, that he was independent of their influence.  However, it appears that we were wrong.   The United States is the biggest importer of Chinese products. Without these products at dirt cheap prices, many of the retailer would suffer great losses and pass along the loss to the consumer.   Televisions, computers, clothing, and other imported goods would skyrocket in price.  These prices would shake the American economy to its core.   The fall out would be massive.  It would possibly signal the end for American prosperity as we know it.  However, one must ask the question, was this the plan all along?  Was Donald Trump selected to bring about the collapse of America in order to make way for the NWO?  It certainly seems like it.  Just look at all of the predictive programming before Trump was brought into office that predict this very thing.  The imposed his tariffs would effectively terminate our relationship with China and reverse decades of policies that have helped Americans to buy cheap products from Walmart and other retailers for years.  Without the skilled labor force and factories to replace Chinese factories, the America people would be at a loss.  Who will assemble our smart phones, flat screen televisions, and appliances.  Americans simply do not possess those skills.  Furthermore, Americans have grown lazy  and not willing to work for pennies on the dollar like the Chinese.  The presidents actions are fool hearty without a plan in place to replace the Chinese.  The Americans people and economy will suffer.  But isn’t that true agenda of the proponents of the NWO?  To destroy the old order and replace it with a new one.  This just might be the beginning of the end. The Chinese trade war might just be the war that finally brings America to its knees.